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Orthodontic Hole Punch Pliers

Creats half-moon cutouts for relief of clear aligners around bonded buttons used for elastics and nips away plastic to provide soft tissue clearance to prevent aligner impingement of tissue.
Product Description

Dental Hole Punch plier can cut a semi-circular notch to provide space for the lingual button on the tooth surface, so as not to affect the wearing of the braces. The parts that need soft tissue cushioning can be cut off to prevent the braces from compressing the gums. The semi-circular notch can be placed in any tooth that needs to be bonded with lingual button or brackets.


Product feature and application of orthodontic pliers

● Made In High Quality Stainless Steel.

● Fully capable to bear high sterilization.

● More durable than most pliers and lasts longer.

● Best stability against rust,rust free with guaranty.

● High resistance against disinfection and sterilization.

● Precise machine work for shape, thickness and balance.


Maintenance of dental pliers:

1>Do not pack the sterilized pliers until they are dry thoroughly.

2>To keep the surface of the pliers clean and dry all the time.

3>The maximum cutting capacity is 0.3mm in diameter for the ligature cutter, and 0.6mm in diameter for the heavy cutter.

4>After each cleaning process, apply oil to plier hinges joints and other critical areas of the pliers by using the cleaning/protective oil (white oil) for pliers.

5> Avoiding knocking or crashing during operation.

6> Wiping the surface of the pliers with machine oil, sealed in clean plastic bag to avoid rusting when cease to use for a long time.

7> Please quit to use when there is any cracking or failure happened.


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